Tennis Team Rules

Team Captains & Co-Captains:

Once teams have been established, each team must appoint a Captain and Co-Captain. They must be members in good standing of Pangborn Swim and Tennis Club. The Captain shall be responsible for the team and personally liable to the Club for all obligations of the team and its members and shall ensure that all Club tennis rules are followed. Failure to follow Club tennis rules may result in loss of the courts to other members who have followed the rules.

  • As a condition for license to utilize Club facilities for team play, each team Captain shall provide the Tennis Subcommittee Chairperson with a written team roster listing all team members.
  • Should any team include Club non-members, the Captain shall submit $40 per season per non-member, a signed Non-Member Contract and the team roster, prior to the first schedule match of the season to the Club.
  • Teams are allowed to reserve the courts for a two-hour practice period once a week during the season they are playing ALTA or USTA tennis. The Captain shall post the day and time of the scheduled practice on the tennis board.
  • The Captain shall post scheduled home match times in accordance with Club rules so all members of the club are notified that the courts are reserved.
  • The Captain is responsible for ensuring the courts and areas around the courts are clean when finished playing, and ensure that trash cans and containers in the court areas are emptied or moved to the trash pick-up area in front of the Club. The Captain shall be charged $25 each time his or her team fails to clean the court areas properly after play.

Club Non-Members:

Are not authorized to be on the courts without a member in good standing present and therefore shall not be issued keys or a combination.

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