Tennis Rules

Court Availability and Use: Tennis courts are available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. for use by members in good standing and their guests while playing with a member. No person from a member household not in good standing may be a guest of any member. No “guest” may use the tennis courts in the absence of his/her sponsoring member.


  1. Court times are for one-hour periods, beginning on the hour.
  2. Only one court time per day may be reserved by any players for singles play, and no more than two consecutive periods for doubles play.
  3. No reservation made more than 48 hours in advance shall be valid (exception – see paragraph: Tennis Teams).
  4. Reservations can be made only by using the website.
    1. Go to and click on Player Sign-Up to setup a
    2. new player account.
    3. b. Select PANGBORN as your Home Facility.
    4. c. Enter our Facility Code:  2255
    5. d. Fill in the remainder of your information and click SUBMIT.
    6. e. Login at or call 1-877-ON-COURT (662-6878) anytime day or night to reserve courts.
  5. Reserved court time shall not be extended by two or more players signing up for consecutive periods under their separate names.
  6. Reserved court time shall be forfeited if players are not present and ready to play at 10 minutes after the hour. The remainder of a forfeited period may be claimed by any players present and ready to play, subject to the priority rules set out below.
  7. All players must surrender their courts on the hour after their period of reserved play or period of claimed forfeit has expired, if other players with that time reserved are present and ready to play.
  8. If no players with reserved times are present and ready to play at the end of any hour, players already using a court may continue play but are subject to bumping until 10 minutes after the hour if players with that time reserved appear and are ready to play.
  9. If players without reservations appear to play and a court is vacant, the players must reserve that time or be subject to bumping by any players who appear and reserve the period before 10 minutes after the hour. Players who appear and find a court vacant after 10 minutes after the hour may claim the remainder of the hour by forfeit and reserve the next court time if not already reserved.
  10. Priorities-
    1. Pangborn approved teams in USTA, ALTA or other leagues have first priority on court times for regularly scheduled matches, make-up matches, and practice when notice of required dates and times are posted in advance.
    2. Players with reserved court times generally have priority over other players. No court can be claimed by reservation or by forfeit unless at least two players are present and ready to begin play on that court. Subject to that rule, players with a reserved time have priority if the reservation is claimed within 10 minutes after the hour. Any dispute as to the correct time shall be resolved in favor of players with reserved time. All other disputes as to priority shall be resolved in favor of those players who have not played that day. These rules apply subject to 10.a. above.

Care of the Courts:Tennis shoes must be worn by any persons on the courts. No street shoes of any type, regardless of sole composition, may be worn on the courts. No pets, bicycles or other wheeled vehicles, skates or skateboards are allowed within the enclosure at any time. No glass of any kind shall be carried inside the enclosure. The last players departing the court shall securely fasten the gate with the chain and lock provided and turn off the light at the switch by the gate, if applicable. The lights are controlled by an automatic timer; if lights go on during play in the late evening, turn off the light switch by the gate before departing. Players shall dispose of all trash in the containers provided. If the smaller containers are full, they should be emptied into the larger containers provided at the courts or in the pool enclosure.

Etiquette: All players should exercise proper tennis etiquette at all times. Only persons playing shall be inside the tennis enclosure. Players should not walk behind players on other courts at any time while the others’ ball is in play. No distracting behavior is permissible at any time, including shouting, running back and forth unnecessarily or intrusion upon another’s court.
Locks & Keys: Combination locks or keyed locks may be changed periodically at the direction of the Board and a charge made for new keys. Please do not share combinations with anyone. If you are issued a key you will be responsible for that key and charged a fee to replace it if it is lost or stolen.
Tennis Teams: Pangborn Swim and Tennis Club promotes ALTA and USTA Team playing at the club. Organized teams competing in USTA, ALTA or other leagues may utilize the courts after coordination with and approval by club officials. Approved teams shall have priority of court times for their regularly scheduled and make-up matches and practice periods when notice of the required dates and times are posted in advance. See TENNIS TEAM RULES.

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