Pool Rules

  1. No use of the swimming pool shall be made at any time unless a lifeguard is on duty.
  2. Authority of Lifeguards:  Any conduct or activity determined by the lifeguard on duty to be unsafe, offensive, or not in the best interest of the operation of the pool or contrary to these rules is prohibited. The lifeguard on duty has full authority to
    Exclude from the pool enclosure for the remainder of the day any person who ignores a direct warning to cease prohibited conduct;
    Exclude from the pool enclosure for up to five days any person who attempts to ignore an exclusion order or who repeatedly engages in prohibited conduct;
    Exclude from the pool all tubes, floats, kick boards, and similar implements when their use is deemed to be unsafe in the circumstances.
  3. Please bring unsafe conditions to the attention of the guard on duty immediately.  Please contact the President and Vice President with any safety issues. president@pangbornpool.com and vicepresident@pangbornpool.com
  4. Report all accidents to the lifeguard(s).
  5. Members must Sign In upon entering the pool area and report the name(s) and pay the fee for any guest(s). All guests must pay guest fee to use the pool with the exception of infants under age one.
  6. Guests:  Must be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times and cannot be present in absence of the sponsoring member. Members are limited to no more than 9 guests at a time. More than 9 guests constitutes a party and must be registered with the Pool Manager and the Pool Management Company.
  7. Neighborhood families are limited to 4 visits to the pool each season as a member’s guest. No refunds of guest fees shall be made in the event that any guest is required to leave the pool enclosure.
  8. Members shall be responsible for costs to repair any damage caused by themselves, their children, or their guest(s).
  9. Children under 11 years of age may not be present in the pool enclosure unless accompanied by a member at least 14 years of age.
  10. Wading Pool. No child over 6 shall be allowed to use the wading pool or play implements in the wading enclosure. Children using the pool shall be under the direct supervision of a parent at all times.
  11. Swim Diapers and plastic pants: Any infant or child not completely potty trained must wear swim diapers and plastic pants at all times while in the main or wading pools. Swim diapers and plastic pants are available from the lifeguard for a minimal fee.  Fees for these items should be placed in an envelope and put in the Guest fees box.  Any accidents must be reported to lifeguard on duty immediately.  Any Member or Guest of a member who has an accident in the pool and is not wearing swim diapers and plastic pants will be fined $200.00
  12. There shall be no running or horseplay at any time on the masonry apron.
  13. No glass of any kind is permitted within the pool enclosure.
  14. No food or drink shall be consumed on the masonry apron surrounding the pool. Members and guests must dispose of all trash and recycling in the containers provided.
  15. Moderate use of alcohol by adults only aged 21 and over is permitted.
  16. Diving Boards: Children under 10 shall not be permitted to use the high diving board except with express permission of the lifeguard on duty and under the direct supervision of a parent. Only one person at a time shall be permitted on the diving boards, including ladders, and no swimmers shall be allowed within the diving area unless expressly permitted by the lifeguard on duty.
  17. Diving Boards:  Lifeguards may declare the diving boards are closed to allow members to swim in area below.
  18. Adult Swim:  The lifeguard on duty shall declare an adult swim period of 15 minutes each hour beginning at quarter till and ending on the hour. All persons under 18 years of age must clear the pool during adult swim including infants and children.
  19. Telephone:  The telephone (770-938-6798) is required for emergency use. All telephone calls, either incoming or outgoing, shall be limited to one minute.
  20. Smoking:  Smoking is not allowed within the fenced pool enclosure.
  21. Weather:  In the event of bad weather, the lifeguard will evacuate the pool. The pool will reopen a minimum of 20 minutes after the last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder.
  22. No pets of any type are allowed inside fenced area.
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